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Black Seamless Dance Floors

Our Black Seamless Dance floor are next to none. This fully acrylic dance floor will leaves your guests speechless as they step onto it for the first time. Our Black Seamless Dance Floor is perfect for any corporate event or private occasion. It has been featured in John Legends, Under The Stars Music Video (Live Performance with Stella Artois) adding the final and crucial piece as guests were emerged into a once in a life time performance “Under the stars”.[/ppb_text]

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[ppb_header size=”one” title=”White & Black Tiled Dance Floors” slug=”” subtitle=”” width=”100″ textalign=”center” padding=”30″ bgcolor=”” fontcolor=”” custom_css=”” ]Our white and black dance floor tiles are perfect for all our creatives. These tiles allow you to use them in multiple  pattern styles. Stripes, Zig Zag, Checkerboard, and more! Highly durable, interlocking, and light weight; these are perfect for any dance floor rental.


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